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DEAR ABBY: I recently attended a bridal shower for my nephew's fiancee. My sister-in-law (the future mother-in-law of the bride) also attended the shower. She did not choose any gifts from the bride's registry, but decided instead to give the bride lingerie, including thong underwear. Frankly, I was shocked. I didn't think it was appropriate for either the mother or the future mother-in-law to give such intimate gifts. Am I wrong? -- FLUMMOXED IN FLORIDA

DEAR FLUMMOXED: Shower guests are not restricted to items based solely upon the couple's registry. They can give whatever gift they wish to the bride and groom. Your sister-in-law chose something she thought the bride and groom would enjoy. Please try to be less judgmental and hope she was right.

Be less judgmental?!? She didn't buy the wrong toaster she was a creeper who bought intimate wear for her soon to be DIL! She bought clothes aimed at interesting her son... sexually. That is creepy.

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Q. Relationship at work problem: My significant other and I work at the same company but in different departments. I have been experiencing envy in a way that is detrimental to our relationship. She is young, been working here for four years, and has seen a promotion and outrageous raise every year she has been here. She has a relative in a high position at the company and has had the chance to work with certain people who have given her more opportunities than most here. I have been struggling to get out of my entry-level position for two years to no avail. Long story short, last year I wanted to apply for a new position within the company but was blocked for political reasons, and she got the job with no prior qualifications other than being familiar with the company and the person who hired her. She is getting all the skills, knowledge, salary increases, and networking opportunities to set her in a promising direction, while my own boss seems to be doing everything she can to prevent me from learning anything (while at the same time praising my work). It has caused a bitter rift between us, and I’m not sure how to handle it. I know leaving this company is a step in the right direction, but now I see my significant other as the competition, and it frustrates me to no end that she is “winning.” I worked hard at a graduate degree at an Ivy League institution while she went to a humdrum state school. I know that if the universe were a fair place, our situations would be reversed, but it isn’t. How can I work toward letting this go before it ruins what we have?

A: I am not nearly as confident as you are that in a wholly fair universe you and your girlfriend would swap places! I am also not confident that this attitude of yours has not already started ruining what you two have, especially if you consider the fact that you went to an Ivy League to be some sort of evidence that you deserve to best a mere state-school graduate for the rest of your life. That’s the sort of misguided sense of entitlement that makes a person sound like a villainous boyfriend from Gilmore Girls, and is not going to serve you well in life. I suggest abandoning it.

Your girlfriend’s success is not coming at your expense. You two are not, and never have been, in direct competition with each other, especially since she works in a different department, and if you continue to think of her as somehow “beating” you by being recognized and promoted at her job, it will only serve to further distract you from finding a solution to your actual problems. It’s good that you are starting to recognize that any solution will necessarily have to begin with letting go of this irrational resentment, but I’m troubled that you still seem committed to some sort of belief that you objectively deserve what your girlfriend has. Maybe you weren’t blocked from that promotion for purely political reasons. You might also have a genuinely bad boss, but I’m guessing that if any hint of the attitude from your letter shows up in the way you treat other people at work, there’s a reason you’re not being promoted. Focus on what you need to do to take care of yourself, whether that’s applying for other jobs outside your company, finding a mentor, asking some of your colleagues for advice on how you could be doing your current job better, seeing a therapist, or even just starting every day by reminding yourself that professional success is not a zero-sum game and having graduated from Boat Shoes Academy is not a guarantee of anything.

Another person wrote in noting that the girlfriend has been there longer than the LW, and that counts for a lot in companies. What I see is a woman who's smart and hardworking and an SO who thinks they deserve to have people kowtow to them because they went to an Ivy League school. I hope the girlfriend finds someone better to share her fabulous life with.

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Dear Prudence,
I work for a very small company owned by a married couple, both in their mid-30s. The husband has a day job, and the wife works from home, so I usually only see them once a week. Two weeks ago, one of the owners informed us, happily, that they are pregnant with their second child. I was very happy to hear this news, until she dropped the bomb: She is only five weeks along. I have never had someone tell me that she was less than three months pregnant, so her news was very shocking. I did feel slightly uncomfortable about knowing about her pregnancy so early on, but I brushed it off. However, my discomfort started growing as it seems like she is having a difficult pregnancy. She takes two- to three-hour daily naps in the afternoon, will check out during meetings because she has a hard time focusing, and is constantly nauseated and has no appetite. During her seventh week of pregnancy, she texted all of us that she had “emergency health issues” and was ordered bed rest by her doctor for the rest of the week.

Now, all I can think about is the possibility that my boss has lost or will lose the baby, and I will admit (guiltily) that I do feel some resentment toward her for spilling the beans about her pregnancy so early on. I am a woman in my late 20s and have never gotten pregnant, so I can only imagine her physical and emotional pain, if something were to happen. Am I selfish to be upset that my boss, whom I have an employer-employee relationship with, told us about her pregnancy so early on? And if something does happen, what do I do? Unfortunately, I am pretty socially awkward, so acting like nothing happened will be close to impossible.

—Office Etiquette

It’s sort of customary for people to hold off on announcing a pregnancy until after the 12th week to spare the parents-to-be the painful necessity of having to update everyone they know with news of miscarriage, not because the news might discomfit others. It’s certainly not a hard-and-fast rule, and telling people five weeks in might be a little unusual, but it’s not the breach of etiquette you seem to think it is. A miscarriage is not a shameful secret that is best kept to oneself, and your boss will not have done something wrong if she announced her pregnancy at five weeks and subsequently had a miscarriage. She cannot help having a complicated pregnancy, and she would likely still have experienced morning sickness and had to go on bed rest even if you didn’t know she was pregnant. Your resentment is unwarranted and out of place, and you should do your best to overcome it in private. Miscarriages are quite common, particularly in the first trimester, and if your boss does miscarry, you should express your condolences, offer your support, and continue to do your job well.

To quote my favorite advice columnist, Carolyn Hax: Wow.

I'm not mad at NuPru here or anything but I wish she would've left out the mealy-mouthed "it's sort of customary" and "might be a little unusual" bits because this LW needs to be told the more direct parts of this answer much more directly. The LW's ideas are so mind-bendingly awful and wrong that I can't help but imagine they're going to skip the "unwarranted and out of place" bit and move right to the "miscarriages are quite common" so that they can further rationalize their seriously fucked up mindset. Might not even make a difference how this reply was worded, however, because I think the LW needs a lot more help than any advice columnist is able to offer.

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Dear Amy: I dated a man two years ago who lied to me about who he was.

When I learned the truth about him, he stole my car and disappeared.

Some months later, he returned. He was apologetic and wanted to be back in the relationship, but I caught him lying a few more times. Even though we weren’t seeing each other like a regular couple, he cheated on me.

Now he is in jail, and he needs me to help him.

He professes to be in love with me, says that he won’t cheat again and swears he will be true to me, but there is another woman he knows who is in love with him. He states that he does not love her in the way that he loves me. He says that she is like family.

She is helping him out with legal issues. I know for a fact that he doesn’t love her in a romantic way.

The problem is, she has told me that she loves him. She knows that he won’t love her the way she expects him to, but she still does things for him.

This makes me feel like I’m not doing enough for him, and that at some point she might win him over. He recently introduced me to his mother, which makes me think that he might actually be sincere this time, but I don’t know how to handle this other relationship.

I would love for us to coexist happily, with her as a friend, but she feels threatened by me and does not wish to have any relationship with me, other than to communicate his messages to me about how to help in resolving his legal issues.

How would you advise me to deal with this issue?

Once and Future Girlfriend
Once and Future Girlfriend: First, a quick question for you: What kind of sneakers do you have? My cursory research shows that Nike and Adidas are both good choices for super-fast footwear.

My advice is for you to lace up your fastest track shoes and run as fast and as far away from this mess as you can. If you are feeling extra-generous, you might grab your guy’s other girlfriend and pull a Thelma and Louise. But please — at the very least, save yourself.

Before you go, take a long look in the mirror, and tell yourself that you deserve much, much better. And then behave as if this is true.

The man you are so concerned about is (by your account) a liar, a cheater, a manipulator and a convicted criminal. He is successfully playing you from his jail cell.

A man I once knew declared, very confidently, that, “Any man can get any woman.” I argued passionately that this was not true. Please, don’t prove him right.


LW, I know love is blind, but it's put you in a sensory-deprivation tank. Do yourself a favor: read your letter, pretending you didn't write it. Read it over and over. Do you see even a single, solitary reason in there to ever come within a mile of this lying snake ever again? You don't list one positive thing about him. Not ONE. You didn't even bother with the "He's wonderful, but ..." intro we're so familiar with. It's a litany of negatives: He lied to you. He stole from you. He cheated on you. He is in prison and using you for legal (and I bet financial) help. He is playing you and this other women off of each other. He's almost definitely feeding her the same lines he is feeding you.

Believe me when I say that you do NOT need a man in your life this badly. You deserve better. MUCH better. (Even singlehood will be better than this!) Tell the other sucker - er, woman - she can have him, then block all communication from him. Your future self will thank you!

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Dear Captain Awkward,

I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and just love it! Your answers and the community here are both awesome. So thanks. My question is really tough and I’m afraid your answer is going to be “there is no actual compromise possible here.” But I’m going to try.

My husband and I were both raised as extremely religious Catholics. When we were dating (courting??) we both agreed that we wanted to have lots of kids, like a dozen, and homeschool them all. Over eight years of marriage, we’ve both changed a lot. We’re both a lot more liberal and our kids are going to public school. After the third kid, we both agreed that we no longer wanted to have any more kids. But, being Catholic, there are only two allowed solutions: NFP (natural family planning, also known as Vatican Roulette), and total abstinence. We did that for a miserable year and a half and then, predictably, got pregnant with our fourth.

I cannot describe how horrible this has all been to me. Four kids is A LOT OF KIDS, especially given that the oldest is only seven. I loathe being pregnant with the fiery heat of a thousand suns. All of them have been high needs. I haven’t slept well since 2009. My husband is exhausted too; he cried like a baby when he found out we were having the fourth and I believe he is still depressed about it four months after she was born.

And I no longer see any point to this punishingly difficult lifestyle since I am no longer Catholic. Between kid 3 and kid 4, I did a lot of studying and am now entirely agnostic. My husband was really upset by my deconversion and mostly prefers not to talk about it at all. He’s become a lot more skeptical about his faith, but he does think it’s true and it worries him to think I might be going to hell. Meanwhile I now think that birth control is definitely the greatest thing since indoor plumbing.

Our birth control method now, given that NFP so obviously does not work, is abstinence. Every couple of weeks my husband can’t stand it anymore so we have non-PIV sex. Only there is zero communication about this. I think his perspective is that, if he’s got to “sin,” at least he’s not going to make it worse by premeditating it. The problem is that it’s obvious both of us want to take it further and I know from experience how hard it is to think clearly when you’re horny. I am terrified that sooner or later we’re going to get pregnant again. I cannot, CANNOT go through pregnancy again; I get the shakes just thinking about it. Meanwhile our sex life is completely screwed up from the NFP and then the whatever-this-is we’re doing now, so that neither of us is really enjoying it that much and we both kinda feel like roommates. It sucks and the thought of doing this till menopause is awful.

I want to go on birth control. He doesn’t even want to discuss it. He told me some time ago that if I did go on birth control, he’d continue to feel obligated to never have sex again because contracepted sex is a sin. I don’t want to do something unilaterally if it truly would upset him, but on the other hand I feel like his religion will make it impossible for him ever to agree to it, even if he WERE okay with it, because that would implicate him in the “sin.” So I can’t find out how he really feels about it. And then there’s the money issue … we don’t have insurance and all the really effective birth control methods are pretty expensive. With his cooperation we could easily save up the money for it in a couple of months, but since I’m a full-time carer for the kids, I don’t have much in the way of my own separate money. And it’s not like a couple thousand dollars are sitting around in the bank right now for me to just take and use … even if I would feel okay unilaterally spending that amount of money, given that normally all major purchases have to be okayed by both of us. And I have almost no one in my life who isn’t fanatically Catholic, certainly no one I could call on to drive me home from getting my tubes tied.

What, dear Captain, would you do? Can you help me come up with a script for “seriously, we need to actually TALK about what we’re doing and your Catholic guilt and denial are not helping”? I have been quietly waiting for the past two years or so for him to come around, but he hasn’t, and I feel our disastrous fourth pregnancy is my fault for agreeing to rely on the broken fire escape that is NFP instead of going behind his back and somehow getting an IUD. Yet I still hesitate to make such a big decision unilaterally; I’m equally scared to tell him (and face his hurt feelings) or not tell him (and have a big whopping secret looming over my head). And of course there are the practical issues.

Thanks for reading my lengthy novel,

Offred (Just Kidding) (Mostly)

Hi “Offred” (No Joke!):

When spouses don’t agree about birth control…the person with the greatest pregnancy risk gets to use birth control if they want to. If you were my friend and you wanted an IUD and your husband didn’t want you to have an IUD, I’d have you at that appointment today*, so I’m not sure that asking what I would do is the most helpful thing for you. Still, I’m really glad you wrote, so, hi!

This shouldn’t [be] a surprise, but I’m firmly in the “Can the Pope get pregnant? No? Could anyof the men who have ever been responsible for deciding and promulgating this doctrine (i.e. the literal Patriarchy) get pregnant? Mostly…not?? Can your husband get pregnant? Really unlikely? Do any of these people live in yourbody? Then their opinions about this are not the most important opinions”camp.

This doctrine in particular is one of the reasons I personally broke with the church. I respect people’s right to make their own reproductive decisions and their right to factor religious faith into those decisions. I also believe those rights stop at the borders of your own body, so I don’t respectthe way this doctrine has made life harder for countless women and people who can get pregnant, and g contraception harder to access. If you wanted a nuanced, neutral, “Well, religious doctrine is super important too, so, tread carefully!”answer, I’m 100% not your lady.

The good news is, enough Catholic families(I’ve seen numbers as high as 98%of sexually active practicing Catholic women have used contraception) are going to church and then also quietly going to the doctor and locking their birth control stuff down that I’d bet *someone* in your community would drive you wherever you needed to go (and/or trade off rides in the future). They’re just being quiet about it the way you are being quiet about it because they don’t want to wake the Patriarchy. The “everyone else does it” argument probably isn’t going to convince your husband, but I think it might help you to remind yourself that facts and precedent are on your side. traception) are going to church and then also quietly going to the doctor and locking their birth control stuff down that I’d bet *someone* in your community would drive you wherever you needed to go (and/or trade off rides in the future). They’re just being quiet about it the way you are being quiet about it because they don’t want to wake the Patriarchy. The “everyone else does it” argument probably isn’t going to convince your husband, but I think it might help you to remind yourself that facts and precedent are on your side.

You are the only adult in your family who can get pregnant. To me, that makes you the only decider about whether you want to be pregnant and what steps and trade-offs you are willing to make to prevent pregnancy. The teachings of your husband’s church and his worries about sin and his hurt feelings do not outweigh your human right to make this decision for yourself or obligate you to keep gestating an Adorable Gift From The Vatican! every couple of years. You can love your kids without wanting more of them. You can love God without wanting more kids. You can love your husband and still draw a line about this. He can have unsettled feelings about this, but you have a right to bodily autonomy and a right make your own decisions about your own ethics and religious beliefs.

You say that this issue has been on the table for two years while you wait for him to come around. (Not incidentally, that’s two years during which you had an unplanned pregnancy that made you miserable). Ifyou wanted to give him one more chance to “come around,” here’s a possible script:

“Husband, I don’t want to get pregnant again, and I want to be able to have sex with you without that risk, so I am going to get an IUD** as soon as possible. I’ve done some research and the device and insertion will cost $X, so we need to start putting $Y aside from the household budget to pay for it. Until that’s handled, I don’t want to have any penetrative sex. I know you are uncomfortable with this decision, but this is the right decision for me and I need you to be on my team right now.“

He’ll have some stuff to say and maybe some weird feelings about it. You can get the IUD anyway.

Things might get really weird between you for a little while. You can get the IUD anyway.

He may try refuse to help pay for it. You can get the IUD anyway. Planned Parenthoodand other organizations offer free or sliding-scale birth control. In searching for “free birth control” I also found this clinic locator. Chicago has this absolute treasure of a sliding-scale women’s health center, maybe there is something like this near you? Incidentally, one partner using finances to control another’s medical decisions or refusing to pay for the other’s medical care is not okay.

Your follow-up script can be “I’ve prayed about it, I’ve thought about it, and I need to do this to take care of myself. If you are uncomfortable, I understand, I’ve really tried to respect that and to give church-approved methods a chance, but it’s not working for me and my mind is made up.”

Warning:He may try (out of guilt, a desire for control, a desire for The Last Word, who knows) to keep having penetrative sex with you while you save up. THAT IS NOT OKAY.It is also the reason that you needthe IUD. If you think this might happen, it’s also an argument for unilaterally and quietly taking care of it on your own. It sucks to keep secrets in a marriage and I understand why you don’t want to. I also think that unreasonable people who don’t give you a safe way to tell them the truth don’t get to be outraged if you choose to quietly prioritize your own safety.

Your husband doesn’t really want more children. He also does not want to commit to only non-penetrative sex forever (Exhibit: Baby no. 4). He doesn’t want to “sin” by using contraception, but he’s not the one who is going to get pregnant. Does he want to be scot-free of this particular “sin” so badly that he’s willing to risk yourhealth, yourlife, youreconomic well-being (Four kids under 8 and no health insurance for you?? How did y’all pay for your pregnancy and delivery? None of my business, really, but that sounds REALLY, EPICLY HARD!!!???!!!)? Is he willing to risk the trust and closeness of your marriage to get what he wants?

There isa compromise possible here, it’s called: “You get the medical care you want and need, and he agrees to handle his complicated feelings about that without making them (literally) your problem to carry.”

Look at it this way: You getting an IUD inserted doesn’t obligate him to have sex with you. If penetrative sex with a woman on birth control is really and truly too much of a sin for him to even contemplate, then he has the option of continuing with the non-penetrative kind of sex once you are on birth control so that his conscience will be 100% clear. Does that sound like a deeply unrealistic path for him? YES, OF COURSE IT DOES THAT’S WHY YOU HAVE THIS PROBLEM (AND A FOURTH BABY).

If he can’t be on your team about this, I do not think you are a bad person or a bad wife if you quietly take care of yourself around this and present him with a fait accompli. You don’t need his permission. Family money is your money, too. Ideally spouses would make these kinds of decisions together, but when the chips are down, the person with the pregnancy risk gets to make the final call.


Jennifer Women’s Rights Are Human Rights, Abortion Is Necessary Healthcare, and Planned Parenthood Is A National Treasure Captain Awkward Leigh Peepas

*If you live in or near Chicago, email me?

**Substitute whatever birth control method you and your doctor choose, including tubal ligation.

Great advice from Captain Obvious. I'm a little concerned about his reaction and whether the weirdness the Captain mentioned may be even more spectacularly awful than she thinks. After all, they have been deadlocked on this issue for a long time, and he seems to be really tied up in knots about trying to follow the dictates of his religion. Of course, the Captain is absolutely right in giving the LW permission to do what dhe wants and needs for herself, whether hubby likes it or not. But the crazy seems to be qite strong with this dude, so I would something along the lines of "If the weirdness doesn't get better and things aren't starting to settle down/fall into place in a reasonable amount of time, don't hesitate to see professional help, either as a couple or alone (if he refuses to go)."

P.S. The comments on his must have been a real dumpster fire. The Captain shut them down and then deleted all the ones that had been posted. She later added two epic rants followups in response to the insane email she was getting related to this post. I won't post them here, because length, but here are the links if anyone wants to read them:

#969 moderation mop-up

#969 Moderation Mop-Up, continued, because people are still emailing me their thoughts about how a fellow human being should manage her own body.